Many investors want to know how to buy gold bars to diversify their portfolio. Gold, as a precious metal, can be acquired through various means, and stored away while it increases in value. In fact, gold bars are the most efficient way to transport large amounts of personal wealth. They are easily stacked, require only a minimal amount of room, and can contain a value of hundreds of thousands of dollars based on its weight.

Gold bars, rounds and coins continue to be the most lucrative ways that central banks reserve their wealth. In addition, investors use gold bars as an effective means for trading. Most purchase ingots, or large gold bars, where pure gold has been poured into molds.

Every gold bar holds its value based on its size and weight, according to its certificate of assay. Learning how to buy gold bars is an effective way to increase a person’s wealth as its price continues to rise.

Factors to Consider

There are basic factors any investor should consider before purchasing gold bars. This includes:

• How much gold percentage wise the investor wants to invest in to diversify their portfolio
• How much of a purchase in gold the investor can make each time
• Exact location to purchase gold bars with a minimum premium
• The ease of gold liquidity should the need to convert it into cash ever arise

Different Sizes

Gold bars like all precious metals are poured into varying weights and sizes. In fact, gold bars are sold per gram, ounce, kilo, and even in large 400-ounce gold bars. Before making a purchase, it is important that the investor consider their budget, the premium charged for the purchase, their targeted per ounce price, and liquidity objectives.

The Price

The price that investor pays to purchase a gold bar is based on its current value of one troy ounce founded on the current gold spot price. However, every dealer selling precious metals charges a premium per ounce. It is always best to shop around for the dealer that charges a minimum premium and offers quality customer service.

Where to Buy

Just as important as learning how to buy gold bars is to understand where to buy them. Gold as a precious metal can be purchased in a variety of ways including through online bullion dealerships, auction houses, coin shops, and jewelry stores. In some countries, individuals can purchase gold bullion bars from the country’s banks. Nearly every gold retail outlet accepts a variety of payment options. These often include cash, credit card, bank wire transfer, checks, postal money orders and others.

Liquidity is an essential factor for any investment portfolio. Having the ability to liquidate a gold position quickly should be considered when making a purchase. Often times, it is easier to liquidate gold assets in smaller quantities, when the gold bullion bars are a few ounces or less. This provides a better opportunity for the gold investor that only wants to raise a small amount of revenue, instead of converting a huge gold bullion asset into cash.

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